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Transparent Red / Anthracite (TB001) Bernstein / Charcoal (TB002) Transparent Brown / Anthracite (TB003) Black / Charcoal (TB004) Ivory / Charcoal (TB005) Transparent Grey / Charcoal (TB006) Crystal / Charcoal (TB007) White / Purple (TB008) Transparent Fuchsia / Charcoal (TB009) White / Antraciet (TB010) Transparent Azur Blue / Light Grey (TB011) Transparent Yellow / Mid Grey (TB012)

Price: 49,95
Unisex & one size
Worldwide flat shipping €2,95

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Transparant Yellow / Mid Grey (TB001)
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Price: € 49,95
Worldwide flat shipping €2,95
Unisex &
one size


Sunshine is nice, that's for sure. The brightness of the sun can be disturbing and sunglasses are not always a solution. The Brow®, the open shades!

The Brow® is the patented sun visor that covers your eyes from direct sunlight. You'll see real colors, experience a free clear view, feel comfort for your eyes and you will have direct eye contact.

Dutch design, made in Italy.
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