What does UV-ABC mean?

When we think about outdoor sports, sunshine is almost always present. The Brow shades help prevent our eyes from the harmful direct sunlight. The ABC's of UV should always be kept in mind when it comes to time spent outside and exposing our skin to the necessary sunlight to produce vitamin D.

The ABCs of UV light

There are 3 types of UV rays that the sun produces. The first, UVA. UVA rays are long wave length, the second is UVB - medium wave length and UVC - short wave length. Remember; the shorter the wave length, the stronger the light is. That means that UVC are the strongest wave lengths.

UVA - long wave length

UVA rays are the harmful rays that cause the human body to age faster. They are able to do the damage because they penetrate deep into the dermis and cause damage to our skins and its elastin. Those cute little freckles on your kids face? Those could be the first signs of sun damage from UVA rays. Keep in mind that the rays are as damaging in the morning as they are in the afternoon.

UVB - medium wave length

UVB rays are the ones that we hear every sunscreen commercial tell us about. They are responsible for, yep, you guessed it, sun burns and therefore skin cancer. Due to the rays penetrating the upper layers of the dermis, they are able to do serious damage.

UVC - short wave length

UVC rays are completely absorbed by the ozone layer and never actually reach the planet, which is a good thing. If these waves actually made down to our little blue planet, humans would be killed instantly from the exposure. That doesn't, however, prevent the ozone layer from thinning out due to damaging pollution. Not so good for us. This means that the two other forms of UV light are able to cause more and more damage to humans.

Cover your skin and eyes

These are the ABC rays of ultraviolet light. It is due to these waves of light that we must take steps to cover our body. People always remember to cover their skin, but they forget that our eyes are just as susceptible to these harmful rays. Taking steps to protect them can easily start with heading to our webshop and grabbing a brand new pair of The Brow.

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