How do your eyes work?

As you may know, light rays are the base for our visual process. No light, no sight. But we know how uncomfortable we feel when there is too much light. Sunshine is nice and necessary for all of us. But sometimes it is annoying to go out during the day because it might too bright to our eyes.


Your eyes

Light rays enter our eyes through the cornea starting the refraction process. The pupil adjusts the intensity of light entering the lens. The lens focuses light through the vitreous humor and supports the retina. This one receives the image that the cornea focused and transforms it into electrical impulses, carried by the optic nerve to the brain.

When there is too much sunny we can’t enjoy regular outdoor activities as we want. The Brow is a product that can shade your eyes from direct sunlight. Once you put it on you will see real colors and experience a free clear view while your eyes are comforted by shade.

Activities with The Brow

The Brow’s functionality will allow you to do your most favorite activities under the sun, such as:


Sunshine can be your worst enemy in the field, blinding you or making you lose your focus on the game. The Brow helps you forget about that problem and improving your performance while you play. It is super light, just 19 grams, you won’t even feel you are wearing it.


Have a nice time outside. Your body needs it, it is healthy. The Brow covers your eyes from the excessive direct sunlight while you are doing any regular activity. You won’t need to keep your hand over your forehead anymore when you talk with your friends.

Outdoor or Hiking activities

The Brow is perfect for those adventurous people that love going outdoors and enjoy nature. It combines functionality and comfort. The Brow allows you to see nature in all its glory.

You can’t permanently keep your hand on your forehead, like the Indians did. A cap can be very sweaty. Sunglasses filter your view.

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