Functionality counts! The Brow® helps you to improve your performance by shading your eyes.

The Brow® makes you focus on your goal and helps you to perform. Your eyes are covered from direct sunlight and with only 19 grams it feels like that it is not even there.

The Brow® is particular good for Golfers that have to assess the distance to the ball and the pin. Golfers appreciate The Brow® because it covers the eyes from direct sunlight whilst not feeling restrictive in any way during the swing. Wearing The Brow® makes it easy to follow the line of the ball. If you play 18 holes, it is nice to have your eyes covered by shade. A cap can be very sweaty. Furthermore Golf players value 'direct eye-to-eye contact' as an important aspect in this highly sociable sport.

The same counts for all outdoor sports like tennis, sailing, running, etc., etc. (no salty water or sweat on your lenses).

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